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JOHN FOWLER, Principal
Helping achieve your goals helps me achieve my vision of a vibrant, profitable and consumer-focused global cannabis industry.
John is the founder of 7ACRES, one of Canada’s most-awarded cannabis brands. He has raised over $300 million in public and private capital for various cannabis, healthcare, and technology ventures. In a past life, John was a corporate attorney after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. He is now pursuing an MBA from the Ivey School of Business.

Your Guide

With a passion for building successful brands and operationalizing teams, we bring our focused teamwork and consumer communication ability to a rapidly evolving cannabis marketplace.
Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Big Concentrates Co; a top selling brand of live rosin, live resin and diamond concentrates that is available across Canada. Formerly Director and VP of Supreme Cannabis. Former CEO & Founder of Molecular Science Corp and Canabo Clinics, THC BioMed and Empower Clinics. Security cleared with 20 years of investment banking and start-up experience.

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