Each company has its own purpose and focused team that can be engaged individually or together, depending on what industry  player needs.  

Entourage Solutions

Turnkey Solventless Products

Entourage Solutions is led by Mike Imposimato, one of Canada’s leading experts in solventless extraction and product manufacturing. Mike has spent the past decade on the leading edge of solventless extraction, working directly with leading brands and extractors in California, Colorado and Europe with a particular focus on artisanal hash making, specifically hash rosin.  In 2019, Mike worked under Frenchie Cannoli to develop production expertise in “old school” hashes including Temple Balls and pressed hashes.  

Entourage’s goal is to provide clients with a low-risk introduction into solventless products.  

We can price our services on a trial basis, a contract manufacturing basis or on a knowledge transfer basis that would leave you owning the equipment and expertise to operate your own solventless products lab.

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Please contact Blaise to discuss a low-risk solventless trial for your licensed LP.

Blaise Brand Partners

Pragmatic Sales & Marketing Services

Blaise Brand Partners focus is helping our clients find profitable engagements with Canadian customers by digging deep into the target customer and the client’s manufacturing capacities. Great brands are built by the proper intersection of product and customer, wrapped in an authentic brand story that can capture the right mind share for customers. Our expertise allows us to work with clients to find the right intersection of product, customer & brand that will help you to meet your fiscal goals.

Blaise Brand Partners is led by Craig Young who was the VP of Sales at the Supreme Cannabis Company, responsible for launching 7ACRES as one of Canada’s leading national brands with a focused customer position and a clear value proposition that resulted in industry-leading margin and multiple awards.

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FWG Solutions

Regulated Operations Optimization

FWG Solutions is a boutique firm focused on helping clients improve their bottom line through optimizing their regulated operations. Led by Bernadette and Pat Gallagher who have eight years of combined years experience running regulatory affairs and operational readiness for one of Canada’s leading Licensed Producers.

We feel that regulatory affairs and operations must work hand-in-hand because the two are so connected.   Whether our client is looking at expanding an existing site, changing the workflow, optimizing existing production or getting a new license we always look concurrently through a regulatory and an optimization lens.

Our goal is to get you to your goals faster, with less cash in use in the process and less cash in use when you get there.  The result is a business with faster cash turns and better return on utilizes assets.   We also want to make sure we protect what you’ve already achieved by developing regulatory strategies to maintain licensure and improve regulatory relationships. 

Our regulatory and business optimization reporting can also be used to provide comfort to independent board members, lenders and/or insurers.

CARRE Program: annual subscription model to provide peace of mind for regulatory compliance through an intensive, on-site annual GAP analysis and continual improvement audit.  CARRE (Continual Improvement, Annual Reports, Renewal Support, Recall Support and Education) prepares you for success in your annual audit and helps focus your team on areas of the business with best improvement ROI.  We also offer additional on-demand bespoke services around crisis management, SOP development, license amendments, new product notices and workflow modifications.

SHERPA Program:  in-depth regulatory product management.  We start with an intensive interview process to create a SHERPA report (Summary of your Health Canada Engagement along with our recommendations for your Regulatory Plan of Action) to meet your goals.  This can include new licenses and license amendments, product and process changes, M&A activities and restructuring.  We help you summit your business Everest by providing a strong plan and hands-on support to manage you through every step of the process. 

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Blaise Recruiting

Employment Recruiting Support

Blaise has also been providing focused skills support to clients to help find good candidates for employment, particularly with existing security clearance and/or QAP qualifications.  Blaise entered into this business to help employees overcome the disruption of the massive layoffs that occurred in late 2019 and early 2020.  Our primary goal is to help people find new opportunities. 

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